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Love & Robots: Festive Cheer in Dublin with Pop-Up Shop

Love & Robots

Based in Dublin, Ireland? If you’re bored of having accessories which don’t fit your personality, pop-up shop Love & Robots is here to save the day.

Love & Robots is an online retailer offering customized 3D printed accessories. This Christmas season, they’ve opened up a pop-up shop that’s bringing their unique concept to the city of Dublin, Ireland.

Their motto: “Designed with love. Made by robots.” It’s an accurate description of their goal. Customers are encouraged to use an iPad in order to personalize and design their own accessories, which are then 3D printed on-site within the hour.

They state on their website: “In a world driven by consumerism and mass production, where everyone is trying to build as many units, as fast as possible, Love & Robots wanted to try something different…”

love & robots

Love & Robots & Christmas & Dublin

Love & Robots Chief Executive Emer O’Daly trained as an architect at University College Dublin and Yale. With her interest in digital design and 3D printing, she decided to combine this with her love for fashion to create a quirky accessories technique.

The company is now in its second year, and they have hired more designers and architects to contribute to their unique range of jewelry.

As O’Daly explained to the Irish Times, “customisation helps people feel like the piece is really theirs. When you can put in meaningful and personal details, it makes each piece worth so much more.”

If you’re worried you don’t have the creativity to create an accessory alone, then on offer is a varied selection of customizable templates, meaning you can choose your favorite materials and colors… and be almost certain that no one else will have the same!

Current templates include many different ideas from custom pattern bow-ties, cuff links, to custom textlaces (with different choices in fonts, too).

If you find yourself in Dublin and want to check out more, then head on over to the pop-up shop, located in the Fumbally Exchange on Dame Lane. Alternatively, visit the website to explore the huge range of accessories (made with love).

love & robots