Lenovo’s First 3D Printer

Lenovo Enters 3D Printing Market with XiaoXin L20

XiaoXin L20
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Lenovo presented their first 3D printer XiaoXin L20 at a presentation in Beijing which they hope will help them become the first major Chinese brand on the market.

Eleven months ago Lenovo, the consumer electronics company, announced their plans for entering the 3D printing consumer industry – now they’ve taken the first step.

3D printing is becoming a huge business in China. Currently, the country accounts for 13% of global revenues and 8% of sales in the 3D printing industry.

Last year, Lenovo partnered up with 3D printer manufacturer XYZPrinting. They then re-branded some of their models and have now decided to build 3D printers under their own brand name.


These are the known features of the XiaoXin L20

Director of the 3D printing department Mu Zhen claims the additive manufacturing market can be one of the fastest growing sectors in the Chinese economy. This explains why Lenovo are interested into getting on board.

The first printer, XiaoXin L20, has some interesting features which are promised to be user-friendly too as well as a print bed of 200 x 180 x 160 mm. The frame is made of sturdy aluminum and has an attractive black and silver finish. The whole printer weighs 8.8 kilograms. Actually, the look of the XiaoXin L20 reminded us of the Mostfun 3D printer.

An interesting feature of the XiaoXin L20 will be auto-alignment and -calibration. It has also been suggested that the system may even be able to adjust settings directly during printing.


Another interesting take is the possibility of notifications sent from the printer: You’ll receive an email, which will be sent to you to inform about the progress and even the state of the operating cycle.

As well as this, the printer may also integrate an “effective temperature control system”. Lenovo also will offer a cloud-based repository for 3D printable files.

Exact Specifications, release date and the price of this printer are all yet to be disclosed. We think it’s worth keeping an eye on Lenovo‘s first 3D printer. Let us know what you think in the comments.