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Make Your Own Laser-Cut Patterns in Nori for Stylish Sushi


If you have access to a laser cutter, some spare seaweed and a love for sushi, you may be interested in this design. 

Anthony Lam is the maker behind this project. He currently works as a lab assistant and engineering intern for Make. He posted a project using a laser cutter which helps create beautiful sushi pieces.

If you want to follow Lam’s project, make sure you have access to Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter. Lam used Adobe Illustrator to design his pattern.

He said: “It did take a few tries to get the pattern centered properly, and to get the laser cutting right without burning the seaweed.” But it’s worth it as the results look delicious.


How to make your own Beautiful Sushi

Firstly, Lam created his design. He points out that although your pattern can be whatever you choose, it must fit the size of your nori.

You also need to keep repetition in mind so that the pattern can be copied and pasted into your drawing program as many times as you need. For Lam’s design, he used a geometry which was inspired by the Japanese sakura or cherry blossom design.

He said: “I didn’t need to cut my nori sheets to size, before or after the process, but I left about a ¼ inch margin so I could hold the nori down with some weights during cutting.”

To use the cutter, simply set it on a low setting to avoid any charring of the nori or even a fire. Lam points out that he set his speed to standard as a slower speed could also burn the nori.

Make sure you test your own laser cutter before you begin so you can be sure of the safest speed and power.

Lam even gives an interesting tip: “Experiment with different margins and patterns. Mine are decorative but not very strong; they’re suitable for maki rolls or inside-out rolls. But a pattern that leaves more of the nori intact could be strong enough to wrap and hold hand rolls. Happy rolling!”

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(Source: Make)