New 3D Printing Marketplace

Kwambio Manufacture Bespoke 3D Printed Housewares


Design enthusiasts are being invited to engage in the creative process of creating bespoke 3D printed pieces to fill the world with one-of-a-kind objects instead of “mass produced monotony.” If you‘re a designer, you even get help from them with the 3D files. 

The online retailer behind this mission is Kwambio. The Boston-based company offers a curated collection of homewares, accessories, jewelry and art. They manufacture on-demand in a wide range of ceramics and metals.

In order to achieve this, Kwambio are working with different artists and designers who are just emerging and are happy to share their designs with the company. From these designs, the Kwambio team render CAD files in order for them to be 3D printed.

A Wide Choice of 3D Printing Materials

Thanks to the high-tech 3D printers, customers are then able to choose which material they would like their pieces to be made from. Whether you prefer gold or terra cotta, the range of choices is pretty impressive. Other materials which can be printed include silver, brass or porcelain. The company is able to use their printing methods to manufacture creations from start to finish within six to eight weeks!

The idea behind this fantastic concept is that buyers will be able to have a relationship with designers as they can customise their pieces before designs are finalised. This means accessories are unique and that only ordered items are printed, rather than there being a whole inventory.

For the designers involved, there are also benefits such as not having to worry about the burdens of technology or any production costs either.


Chad Phillips, the brand’s creative director, is also the former director of retail at the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum as well as the creative director of

He said: “We want to change the paradigm of 3D printing. A lot of people aren’t intrigued by 3D printing because it’s the same math equations spit out of a plastic machine. We are pushing the envelope on what people think of when they think of the technology – and what can be made on-demand in the world.”

So far, Kwambio are offering pieces from Daniel Michalik, BYAMT, Jeremyville, ARC OBJECTS, Jim Drain, Anna Karlin, Katie Stout, Like Minded Objects, Misha Kahn, Chen Chen & Kai Williams. More is to follow too, so watch this space, or check out their website.