3D Printed Panoramas

Kickstarter Scandy Sphere creates a Perfect Panorama


Are you one of those people who can’t simply enjoy the scenery but always has to take a panorama shot? Now you can create a Scandy Sphere with your picture to bring your redundant shots to life!

The idea is as simple as that; Scandy captures your world in 360 degrees in a full colour, 3D printed sphere.

However, in order to scale up production the team are using a Kickstarter campaign in the hope to jump start the capital needed to increase production and print more spheres.

Using the Scandy custom app, which will soon be available on iOS and Android, you can easily order your 3D printed panoramas too.


There is already a Scandy app available for iPad which allows you to scan objects around you in 3D and order full-colour prints, however, this requires you to have a 3D scanner – which not everyone has. The upcoming Scandy 1.0 intends on making it easier to capture moments and print them.

Scandy claim: “We are not one of those pie in the sky Kickstarter campaigns with a project that is not real. Scandy is real and we have a team behind this cool new technology.”

The printing of Scandy Spheres is already happening, the team came to Kickstarter in order to grow Scandy and to spread the word. They need help in raising funds for another high-tech 3D printer — a 3D Systems ProJet 660.

By backing the team, they promise early access to Scandy and early ownership of a 3D printed sphere of a photo you have taken. You would also have access to the Scandy team to submit suggestions and improvements.

Currently the Scandy Sphere comes in three sizes. 68 backers have pledged $5,850 to the campaign so far, and Scandy hope to raise $25,000 in total.

What do you think of the Scandy Sphere? Would you invest your time and money into creating these panoramas?