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Job Offer: All3DP Is Looking For a Tech Editor

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by Anatol Locker
Oct 21, 2016

Please excuse the unusual approach: We’re looking for talent. If you’re a journalist and experienced in 3D printing, this could be your chance. 

All3DP is one of the fastest growing startups in the 3D printing industry. Also, we’re one of the leading editorial sites for the topic of 3D printing. All3DP GmbH has just finished the next funding round. Now we’re looking for a technology journalist who helps us with our editorial team in Munich, Germany.

All3DP is dedicated bringing 3D printing news, features and reviews to consumers and small businesses – more about our company here. To cover more stories, we’re looking for an editor who is interested joining the team in Munich, Germany.

Technology Journalist / Editor (Online)

Who we’re looking for:

  • an English native speaker
  • a generalist with interest in new tech markets
  • experienced in writing and editing tech stories
  • has good SEO knowledge
  • knows how to develop and test new editorial formats
  • he/she should have solid knowledge of the 3D printing market
  • building a network and linking to relevant 3D printing partners, finding and handling freelancers
  • experienced in WordPress
  • likes working in a startup environment

What we aren’t looking for:

  • people with no journalistic experience
  • people who aren’t English native speakers

What we offer:

  • A full-time job in Munich, Germany (our future colleague should move there).
  • Working in a startup environment leaves much more freedom than any traditional job
  • an experienced, digital publishing oriented team
  • the possibility to develop the site
  • adequate payment, of course.

Are you interested? Please contact [email protected] with your CV and some pointers to your recent work. Thanks!

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