3D Printed iPhone 6/GoPro Mount

iPhone 6/GoPro mount

iPhone 6 GoPro Mount (image courtsey of
iPhone 6/GoPro Mount (source:

Designer Clay Patrick created a 3D-printable mount that is both suited for the iPhone 6 and the GoPro models. Using the mount various accessories can be attached to the smartphone or camera.

Clay had the idea for the iPhone 6/GoPro when he went on a fishing expedition at the end of 2014. After procuring a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition and several accessories including an RC Boat to mount the camera, he set out the next day to try out the camera at a local pond. After just 10 minutes into the expedition, everything went south – literally. The boat and the camera sank, and Clay was left with $700 worth of accessories. So, he decided to design the iPhone 6/GoPro Mount as a means of attaching his iPhone 6 to the accessories.

It is a pretty dedicated sturdy device. However, it is not recommended for filming extreme sports activities. It is neither shockproof nor waterproof and reasonable care should be taken by the user while using the mount. The designer does not assume any liability for any damages caused by using the mount.

iPhone 6/GoPro Mount – available at Sculpteo, prices start at $72.67. It is available in white plastics, alumide or resin.