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Investing in 3D Printing

Invest in Twinkind: 3D Selfie Company Offers Shares At Venturate

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by Anatol Locker
Jul 29, 2015

German startup rating platform “Venturate.com” offers curated crowdfunding for investors. For starters, they present a biggie: 3D Selfie Studio Twinkind.

With the market of 3D printing becoming more and more diverse and crowded, investors are looking for the best companies to invest in. Enter Venturate.com, which have a successful matchmaking platform for investors and startups. Starting today, Venturate offers a crowdfunding model, which they call „curated financial opportunities“. Meaning: The startups are handpicked by Venturate. They already have a main investor on board. This „Deal Captain“ also performs the duties of a business angel, coaching the startup, offering contacts, etc.

If you want to invest in a company, you can get some shares here in a crowdfunding way. You can start with a sum as low as 100 Euro.

Twinkind’s Shares Start at 100 Euro

One of the first companies to use this kind of financial service is Twinkind from Berlin, Germany. Twinkind was one of the first 3D selfie studios to enter the German market. The company started 2012 in Hamburg, where they still have a popup store. The company itself has moved to Berlin and established a 3D selfie studio there.

Twinkind are currently looking for a maximum of 700.000 Euro. 502.000 Euro are already invested. For a share of 100 Euro you get 0,00308 percent of the company – so Twinkind is taxed around 3 Million Euro. Also, there’s 2,5 percent Agio und 0-25 percent Carry you should expect. Deal Captain is Dr. Cornelius Boersch, Founder of Mountain Partner AG.

The crowdfunding money will be invested growth, especially in more international shops. Twinkind wants to sell 150 figurines per shop per month. Later on they plan to offer their services to the gaming industry, E-Commerce and medical technology.

You can find all the details at Venturate (German language only).

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