Looks crazy, makes gaming easier.

Immortal Controller: Mechanical Paddles For Your PS4

Immortal Controller

The “Immortal” is a 3D printed add-on to your PS4 joypad. It uses eight paddles which allow you to never take your thumbs off the pads while playing your PS4.

In gaming, a split second, a twitch of the finger, can decide between a brutally lost match or an epic win. The designer Javier Rodriguez, known as Soludus, invented a 3D printed PS4 add-on that wants to make controlling your game easier.

The Immortal controller goes on your PS4 pad.

Although looking pretty complicated, the controller called the “Immortal,” has been described as simple to use. The 3D printed paddles are located along the natural path of your fingers. This means strain is supposedly reduced to a minimum. Soludus claims that the Immortal controller can reduce the pressing force by around 35%, resulting in less thumb fatigue.

Thanks to this, there is much better aiming as the eight paddles mean all your thumbs need to do is to move and aim while performing actions at the same time.

Soludus said in a comment:

As for how the Immortal works mechanically, well… it took more than a year to engineer so it would be user friendly, and ergonomic.

If you’re deeper into gaming, you might have heard from the commercially available Avenger gamepad. Soludus explains the differences in a comment on Shapeways:

There are several important differences between the Immortal and the Avenger. The number of paddles: The Immortal has twice as many paddles as the Avenger (Immortal has 8 paddles). This allows you to configure your controller just the way you want, and to never take your thumbs off the joysticks. Improved Ergonomics: The paddles in the Immortal are located so you can use them with natural movements, reducing the fatigue in long sessions of gaming. And, since the ergonomics are a key factor, the size of the Immortal is optimized to favor it. The Immortal is printed already assembled, so no complicated puzzle to build, and it comes in several colors. And for the price, the Immortal controller has the same price per paddle as the avenger.

How is Immortal Controller Made?


Impressively, the 18 movable parts which are used to create this controller come out of the 3D printed already completely assembled.

Soludus said on their Shapeways page:

“More than a year was invested developing this accessory. The most time consuming was understanding how flexible the material was. Finding a balance between cost and functionality, was a tricky task. If it didn’t have enough material, it wouldn’t be functional, and if it had too much, it would be too expensive. After multiple tries, we found the balance. Additionally, we had to take into account machine space. Every gap lower than 4cm would add to the cost. That is why we had to split the under-paddles.”

Thanks to 3D printing, the design is sturdy, and there is a split under-paddle design, to save machine space cost.

Supposedly, by reducing the distance, it also reduces the time it takes to press a button by ⅓ meaning your character will react up to 3 times faster.

However, Soludus warns that if you intend to use this controller for tournaments, you should make sure you check out whether or not it is legal and be sure to ask someone from the event you are planning to compete at.

You can check out this product on Shapeways and the price for an ergonomic PS4 controller aide is a whopping £127.63. Let us know what you think in the comments.