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New Hello Kitty 3D Printed Concept Store Opens

Hello Kitty

An international brand seeks new ways to reinvent itself and engage with fans. Say “hi!” to the Hello Kitty 3D printing concept store.

Anyone interested in Hello Kitty will be happy to hear that a new 3D printing concept store has open up shop in the Shanghai Mart in China.

The iconic character was first created in the 1970s by Japanese company Sanrio, and its popularity in the intervening decades has gone from strength to strength.

In keeping up with modern times, the company have launched a concept store in Shanghai which is bringing 3D printed, customized merchandise to fans.

Last week saw the opening ceremony of the showroom, where a meter tall 3D printed sculpture of Hello Kitty was unveiled. Apparently, it now rules over the store as the official manager.

hello kitty

Hello Kitty Concept Store Offers Custom Gifts

The Hello Kitty Concept Store in Shanghai functions as a showroom, where customers can choose their preferred color, style, and even the material for their model before it’s printed. The models can also be engraved with names or messages, too.

The goal behind the store is to offer fans a new way of engaging with the brand. As well as this, though, the company hopes to gain some new fans too.

This isn’t the only involvement Hello Kitty has had with 3D printing, either. Last July, a 3D printing concept workshop was opened in Central Hong Kong.

3D designer Marco King Chan was on hand to help out, and workshops were offered to customers so they could learn more about the 3D printing process. Customized 3D printed Hello Kitty ornaments were also offered to fans, too.

The future of this concept is that, if successful, an official store will be introduced and even more 3D printed Hello Kitty products can be expected on the market. If you’re visiting Shanghai, make sure to check out the store on the third floor of the Shanghai Mart.

(Source: OA.ZOL)

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