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Hamilton Refreshes Ventura Watch Range with 3D Printed Dial


Famous for introducing the battery-powered watch, Hamilton debuts three new versions of its Ventura timepiece at Baselworld. One with a 3D printed face.

The Hamilton Watch Company has announced that for the 60th anniversary of Ventura timepiece it will introduce three new models to the collection.

Two of the three new watches are similar material musings on the original 1957 Ventura watch. They come in large and small case sizes, in either yellow gold or “denim” jean effect.

If you were a fan of 1961 movie Blue Hawaii, you may recognize the watch’s distinctive triangular design from Elvis’ wrist.

The third watch is a skeletonized Venture Elvis watch. Basically, with a lot of the extraneous metal cut away, it somewhat resembles a skeleton of its full-fat self.

An homage to the watch’s history as the first commercially available electric watch, each features an electric bolt emblem on the dial.

However, Hamilton is now experimenting with design aspects of its classic watch. For the jeans-looking Ventura, the company has turned to 3D printing to give it a “denim” looking dial.

Hamilton Ventura

Hamilton, Hollywood and 3D Printing

Blue Hawaii isn’t the only movie connected to these watches. In fact, Hamilton’s watches have appeared in many throughout the years.

Recently, Nathan Crowley — a production designer on the 2014 Sci-Fi hit Interstellarcollaborated with Hamilton to design a watch. Hamilton released Crowley’s ODC X-03 last year. It pays homage to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Interestingly, in the late 1960s the company contributed a watch for use as a prop during the film’s production.

Three sub-dials lie atop a photo-realistic 3D printed Jupiter on the dial of the case. This particular planet features for its significance in 2001: A Space Odyssey, serving as the backdrop to much of the film’s action.

For further information, head over to the Hamilton website.

Source and Photo Credit: Worn and Wound

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