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How to Attach Your GoPro to Almost Any Surface

GoPro mount for screws

GoPro mount for screws 45mm
GoPro mount for screws, 45mm version (source: Shapeways)

The GoPro mount for screws let’s you attach your GoPro camera anywhere you can put screws in – on wood, metal or even concrete surfaces. Using the thumb screw, the camera is quickly put on on the mount or removed.

There are two versions of this 3D printed GoPro mount: On the first one, the distance between the screw holes is 30mm, on the second one the distance is 45mm. The holes are for 5mm screws. The mount was created by designer Rapidparts. His other expertise includes 3D modeler, designer and product designer.

The GoPro mount is made from strong and flexible nylon plastic with a matte finish and slightly grainy feel. The 30mm version is available only in black and white; the white one costs $17.89, and the black one $20.54. The 45mm version comes in more colors, prices range from $17.89 to $20.54.

Buy the 30mm version from Shapeways

Buy the 45mm version from Shapeways