Cool GoPro Mount

3D Printed GoPro Mount with Cable Tie

GoPro Mount

We have all picked up a camera, and captured a beautiful moment with your buddies or family. The essence of taking a video is grabbing a moment in time. Later on, when reminiscing through your videos, at the back of your mind, you notice something missing; well…you! Whilst snapping away when you are behind the camera is great, being part of the experience is more engaging. Unless you have an extreme case of photo phobia, you’d want be part of the action.

The GoPro Mount with Cable tie gives you some deserved freedom, now you can join in group shots ad infinitum. The clamp and reusable zip ties are extremely versatile. Four 12-inch zip ties aid in ensuring the mount stays firmly in place and secure.

3D GoPro Mount with Tie
Nice and versatile: This 3D GoPro Mount attaches to pretty much everything

The GoPro Mount allows you to express your visual art pretty much wherever you want. You’re your camera with you and capture indoor shots as well as outdoor shot with sublime dexterity. The cable tie is quite a god-send for sporting buffs. It comes in handy during biking, kayaking and water boarding. Very smooth and glossy on helmets,  trees, surfboards, street light posts and on cars.

The creative team at FlyingFolk have come up with up with the next best thing, a superb 3D printed Go Pro Mount with Cable tie. The designs absolutely gorgeous with a touch of genius written all over. The compact size of 15.0 x 1.8 x 3.2 cm / 5.886 x 1.26 x 0.724 inches is convenient for  smaller printers.

Anybody with a decent 3D printer can actually print the Go Pro Mount with Cable Tie. A simple step by step plan is all you need (and the right tools of course). Visit today and get the plans to start printing your own amazing 3D works of art. Even if you don’t own a printer you can always buy designs from (US-§ 15.66) or (US-$ 21.28)[//p>