Lens Hood for GoPro cameras

GoPro Lens Hood for Quadcopters

gopro lens hood

Thanks to drones and quadcopters photographers and motion picture directors no longer need a helicopter to take aerial shots. Drones and quadcopters are not only much cheaper: They are more versatile, better maneuverable and less noisy than their bigger “brothers”.

On the other hand, they also introduce problems one does not have when shooting photos or videos from a helicopter. RyanB, a designer and maker, created an ingenious and inexpensive solution using 3D printing technology.

GoPro Lens Hood eliminates unwanted lens flare

GoProLens Hood for Quadcopters by RyanB
GoProLens Hood for Quadcopters by RyanB (source: Sculpteo)

RyanB designed the 3D GoPro Lens Hood for Quadcopters which ensures the camera captures clearer and sharper images. You can order it at Sculpteo for 13.45 US-Dollar; the lens hood is available in black and grey.

The 3D GoPro Lens Hood eliminates any undesirable lens flare as well as the shadows from the quadcopter propellers. What is more: The lens hood protects your expensive HD camera in case it falls to the ground.

GoPro Hood (For Quadcopters)
GoPro Hood for Quadcopters (source: Sculpteo)

The lens hood measures 24.7 x 16.1 x 24.7mm and is made of light plastic. This makes it an excellent choice for static and gimbal-mounted cameras.

The image at the top of the article was shot by Pixabay user LoggaWiggler; it is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license.