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3D Printed GoPro Camera Floater

GoPro Camera Floater

Filming underwater using the GoPro Camera Floater (source: Myminifactory)
GoPro Camera Floater (source: Myminifactory)

Lightweight waterproof cameras bring endless new possibilities for capturing images that seemed almost impossible or too expensive to capture before. Whether you are on vacation surfing the waters or water rafting: Waterproof cameras are great for capturing those special moments right until it slips off your hand and sinks into the bottom of the sea or river. Regrettably, most cameras do not float; not on their own at least. But with a little support, even the impossible can be made possible.

GoPro Camera Floater (source: Myminifactory)
GoPro Camera Floater (source: Myminifactory)

The GoPro Camera Floater is one of the best accessories for water sportsmen. This 3D printed buoyancy tank designed by Reginald Taylor connects to your GoPro Camera and is great for underwater shooting. The GoPro Camera Floater has 2mm walls with 10% infill. It was tested in water – after 10 hours it still head the same weight, which means that it is absolutely water tight

When you select a bright color as in our photos, the floater it easy to spot in water in case it drifts off. The GoPro Camera Floater is also hassle free since it you don’t have to hold on to the camera- just allow it to float at your side.

You can buy the 3D printable file for the floater at MyMiniFactory. Printing time is 150 to 200 minutes – depending on your printer model. The download costs $29.

Buy the file from MyMiniFactory