Made Possible With 3D Printing

Get in a Festive Mood with this Stop-Motion Film


Are you feeling Christmassy yet? 3D printing will help get you in a festive mood thanks to a brilliant stop-motion advert.

This short festive film (see below) was made for the television station TV3 Denmark and was created by a group of designers at MTG Creative.

Their brief was to create something different, so they came up with a 20-second clip in which tiny gnomes light up a Winter Wonderland.

The best part is that everything in the video, apart from the trees and snow, has been meticulously crafted and 3D printed.

Maciej Gorski is the creative lead and motion graphics designer at MTG, who had convinced his manager to buy an Ultimaker 2 one year before. For the past year, he had been teaching himself how to use it on his won meaning he’d become “a bit of an expert”.

The opportunity to create a stop-motion video, to help bring about the Christmas cheer, really allowed him to show off his skills and to create something on a bigger scale, and demonstrate just what 3D printing is capable of.

How Was the Winter Wonderland Created?

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If you’re interested in printing your own Christmas Winter Wonderland, you should be happy to know that the gnomes only took around 18 hours per tray to print. The large “3 logo” , which you’re able to see at the end of the video, was printed in 5 parts and cast after for easy handling.

Each of the 3D models was designed in Maya. Every aspect of the video was carefully crafted, from the gnomes’ walk cycles and poses to all of the background objects and then everything was 3D printed with Colourfabb PLA and UM PLA filament.

You can’t deny that the holiday spirit shines through in this cute little clip and the 3D printed pieces make it even better!