Featured image of GE Additive Releases Photo of H1 Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing Machine
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GE Additive Releases Photo of H1 Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing Machine

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by Tyler Koslow
Dec 14, 2017

GE Additive releases the first image of the H1 additive manufacturing system, which could be the fastest binder jet platform on the market.

Earlier today, GE Additive released the first-ever picture of its new binder jet additive manufacturing machine, called the H1. After acquiring both Arcam and Concept Laser last year, the company has been eyeing the top of the industrial 3D printing market.

The latest prototype comes from the GE’s highly touted Project A.T.L.A.S, which the company announced last month at formnext. During the trade show, the General Electric subdivision unveiled a laser powder-bed fusion metal beta machine.

Now, just one month later, GE Additive is back with a new system in tow. The company believes that the H1 will be the fastest binder jet 3D printer on the market. It will be compatible with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, nickel, and iron alloys.

GE Additive Aims to Conquer Binder Jet Technology with the H1

While the details surrounding the H1 remain largely unclear, GE Additive claims that the platform will eliminate the need for castings. The binder jet technology will help reduce the cost of tooling, molds, and infrastructure.

The company plan to develop further iterations of the H1 next year, and will ship the first production machines sometime around mid-2018.

According to Mohammed Ehteshami, Vice President and General Manager of GE Additive, the development team brought the concept to first print in just 47 days, far ahead of the 55 day deadline.

“We see great demand for binder jet technology in the aerospace and automotive sectors. We are committed to accelerating the additive manufacturing industry and will continue to build on our strength in the laser and EBM modalities by developing and bringing new technologies to market,” says Ehteshami.

Outside of Project A.T.L.A.S, GE Additive has been expanding its 3D printing operations across the globe. The company recently opened its first international Customer Experience Center in Munich.

As GE Additive continues to develop exciting new machines under the umbrella of Project A.T.L.A.S, we’ll surely hear more about the H1 in the coming months. Although the specs and details of the binder jet system are still under wraps, it’s clear that the GE team has something fast and exciting up their sleeves.

The new GE Additive Customer Experience Center in Munich

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