Minor Spoilers ahead!

Game of Thrones Premieres 3D Printed Dorne Dagger

3D Printed Dorne Dagger

Game of Thrones season six has already had plenty of surprises. One of the greatest props is the 3D printed Dorne Dagger, courtesy of Shapeways.

The great acting, incredible scenes and nuanced set pieces of Game of Thrones are part of what make the series so believable. The fantasy drama is complete with dragons, knights, lots of blood and, as of the now, 3D printing.

When Game of Thrones props team needed to create a dagger that was intricate and immediately recognizable as “Dornish,” they turned to 3D printing service, Shapeways. The dagger in question? You might’ve seen it.

Ellaria’s Dagger (Image Credit: Tommy Dunne, Weapons Master / HBO)
Ellaria’s Dagger (Image Credit: Tommy Dunne, Weapons Master / HBO)

The Incredible Dorne Dagger… is 3D Printed

Ellaria Sand’s Dorne Dagger made its debut in the opening episode of season six as a deadly weapon perfectly concealed in a bracelet. Game of Thrones would be nothing without its attention to detail and powerful aesthetic choices, and the dagger was no exception. In order to achieve that amount of detail, the team enlisted Shapeways to 3D print the weapon in its Frosted Ultra Detail plastic using a Multijet Modeling process.

3D Printed Dorne Dagger!(Image Credit: Tommy Dunne, Weapons Master / HBO)
Game of Thrones fans would probably kill for this first 3D printed Dorne Dagger (Image Credit: Tommy Dunne, Weapons Master / HBO)

The dagger was a collaboration between 3D designer Sean Forsyth, Weapons Master Tommy Dunne, and bronze art specialist David O’Brien.

More 3D Printing to come at Game of Thrones?


Once printed, Dunne finished the painting and the details, leaving it looking anything but 3D printing.

“I have always wanted to incorporate 3D Printing into armory, and this was our first chance [to actually do so],” says Dunne. “The outcome of the Dorne Dagger far exceeded my wildest dreams from our original drawing concept, so it was a great first experience in using this technology in our field. It was a delicate scene to shoot, but the producers of the show loved the dagger so we’re really happy with the results.”

Imagine how much Game of Thrones paraphernalia you could have if the painting process was as automated as the printing. Will more weapons and props be 3D printed? “Game of .stl files” doesn’t have quite the same ring, but we like it.