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Photographer takes Beautiful Pictures with 3D Printed Lens

3D Printed Lens
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A French photographer used a 3D printer to make his own camera lens, and rather surprisingly the quality of his images are fantastic. 

3D printers have countless possible uses, but Mathieu Stern has found yet another. He used 3D printing technology to print a camera lens.

Stern has a YouTube channel which focuses on reviewing unusual and cheap camera lenses he’s found. The idea stemmed from here to print his own lens.

He chose to glass from an 1890s lens and then came up with the design of a Monocle lens. To create his lens in a 3D model, reached out to French 3D printing companies. However, Stern received little response, but thankfully 3D printing company Fabulous saw the potential in the idea.

Check out Stern’s process in his YouTube video below:

Stern’s 3D Printed Lens Really Does Take Stunning Photographs

Stern wrote about the process with Fabulous on his website. He explained: “I met Arnault Coulet, the CEO of (Fabulous) His team and he designed the 3D prototype and printed the lens. Luckily for us, he saw all the crazy potential and fun we could create with this project.”

Stern received the final print from Fabulous and his glass lens clicked right into place, he can even customize the bokeh using 3D printed add-ons. To review the lens, as is Stern’s way, he took his camera on a trip to Le Mont St Michel. The results are stunning.


Stern’s final analysis of the lens was: “In the end, I really like the lens. Even if it’s not perfect, it’s a first step in designing your own lenses. You don’t need to buy ultra-expensive lenses to make great images. A $4 plastic lens will make great results. What really matters is your vision, ideas, and creativity.”

Stern has used the lens since to photograph model Ludivine Bernard, check out the results of the shoot below or visit his Instagram for more.

Source: TCT Magazine