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Formlabs opens offices in Europe

formlabs office
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If you’ve seen the documentary Print the Legend, you know Formlabs (if not, go see the movie – it’s great!). They provide the high resolution-printers Form 1 and Form 1+, two pro-grade and easy-to-use printers. Instead of melting plastics, Formlab’s desktop printers use stereolithography technology. An optical system directs a laser across a tank of liquid resin, solidifying layers as thin as 25 microns. Yeah, that‘s what you could call “precise”.

Formlabs have just announced at CeBIT the opening their first office outside the United States. The location is Berlin (capital of Germany). Renowned for its creative spirit and cultural vibe, Berlin is home to a growing tech community and a number of innovative startups.

iGo3D (source: All3DP)
iGo3D is Germanys leading distributor of desktop 3D printing products (source: All3DP)

But there’s more. Also Formlab partners with iGo3D, the leading distributor of desktop 3D printing products in Germany. The press statement reads as follows: “This partnership will dramatically enhance the sales and support experience for our beloved customers in Germany, as well as the ability to experience the Form 1+ 3D printer first hand in iGo3D’s retail locations in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Oldenburg, Hamburg, and soon, Hannover.” Meaning: European makers can now use a regional service and support provided by iGo3D.

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Formlabs introduced their improved “Form 1+” 3D printer in June 2014 – take a look at their promotional video below.