Move Your Watch To The Perfect Viewing Angle

For Runners And Cyclists: Shift, the Smartwatch Band

Smartwatch band

A new Kickstarter campaign offers a new breed of silicone smartwatch bands. They should help you get a better view on your stats while making sports. 

Sometimes it’s the simple solution that works best. In the case of the “Shift” smartwatch band, you wrap a silicone rubber thread around your wrist and thumb – and you‘re good to go.

The idea is quite simple, as you can see in the image below.


And That‘s the Solution to What Problem Exactly?

Shift Band

EdgeGear Co-founders James Gilmore and Andrew Green agreed that “fitness and smartwatches should be in what we call the ‘Sweet Spot’ – the place on the hand that provides optimal viewing and interaction.” So Shift does something Apple and Samsung don’t offer: It moves the placement of the smartwatch to let you see the screen without tipping your wrist. That should help runners and cyclists get more info without having to slow down.

The band was made possible with the help from 3D printing: “That vision kicked off a two-year design, 3D print, test, learn, iterate and repeat process that resulted in the launch of EdgeGear Shift”, Andrew Green told in an interview with Wearable.

Technically, there’s a lot more to it than a simple rubber band, as this smartwatch accessory is compatible with all major smartwatches: Apple Watch, Pebble, Garmin and Suunto Watches.


The $24.99 watch band launched on Kickstarter on 29 October. Currently, it is funded with $23.570 of $45.000 with 28 days left. It is aimed at both runners and cyclists.

EdgeGear also claim it’s quicker to get on and off than regular straps.