Winging It

Flash Diffusor “Wyng” is a 3D Printed Photography Savior


The Wyng is a 3D printed flash light diffuser which helps photographers get the better shots. 

For weddings and events, the fast-paced movement and difficult lighting conditions are a nightmare for many photographers. To help capture a moment in the best possible light, photographer Mathew Sutor came up with an idea.

His photography frustration was the perfect inspiration for a flexible, lightweight flash modifier. Sutor invested in a LulzBot 3D printer and came up with The Wyng. After a few iterations, Sutor is now able to use his invention for his business, Sutography Photography and Videography.

Meanwhile, the business created by The Wyng itself is booming. Sutor explained: “We wanted something really easy to use in the field. We’re wedding photographers, and everything’s very fast, so we wanted something very light that could slip on and produce the kind of light we wanted in our photography.”

The Wyng and its Flying Production

Rather than having a mold made for his product, Sutor used his new LulzBot Mini 3D printer and Flexystruder Tool Head. He produced The WYNG in an elastic plastic filament material, NinjaFlex. This brings a huge benefit – the material is bendable yet sturdy. So you can stow away the Wyng easily in a pocket or a case.

Sutor was able to go from an idea to prototype and onto his finished product with just one desktop printer. His final prints were retail-ready and usable for other photographers. Other benefits of 3D printing were that the total cost of production was lowered.

Sutor now offers his creation on Amazon and B&H Photo Video.

He is now hoping to expand beyond The Wyng and create different flexible flash modifiers for people using his 3D printer. He only had praise for his new machine, saying:

“I would recommend people get a LulzBot [3D printer] because of the ease of use at this point. That would be the biggest benefit to an inventor is just being able to not have to know everything about 3D printing and still be able to produce something that you design without tinkering.”

If you would like to learn more about The Wyng or buy your own, make sure to visit Sutor’s website.

Source: Lulzbot