Fake, Unfortunately.

Fake Nintendo NX Controller Was Made With a 3D Printer


Nintendo fans had a shock last week after a 3D printing prank led them to believe the controller of the unreleased NX console had leaked.

A blurry photo of a possible Nintendo NC controller which resembled a Nintendo patent filing caused quite the stir on Reddit. Just a few days after this picture was released, newer and more crisp pictures appeared causing both redditors and even newsrooms to try and find out whether these pictures were leaks of a soon to be released console.

But thankfully for all those who were left worried they’d missed something – the two pranksters responsible for the fake consoles finally decided to come forward.

Why were the images created?

Presumably purely just to wind up the world, the original image was created by David Im. All he did to create this photo was to simply add a 3D model to a photo in Photoshop. Simple as that.

The second fake was actually created with Im’s original photo as inspiration by the co-founder of CNC Design in Finland.

Frank Sandqvist 3D printed the majority controller and used laser-cut black acrylic for the screen and front-facing camera.

After this, he simply used black spray paint and added a display. As well as these crafty tricks, he included a few labels and the Nintendo prank was ready to go.

All Sandqvist did next was to take a few photos before uploading them to Reddit in order to cause an even bigger stir.

Both of these Nintendo pranksters were working independently of each other, meaning the first created the fake and the second simply elaborated on this cheeky ruse.

Let us know what you think of this prank in the comments, and make sure to watch the video below.