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QuickStix are Easy to Use 3D Printed Chopsticks


If you’ve always struggled with using chopsticks and make a fool of yourself in Asian restaurants, you’ll be happy to hear QuickStix have launched a Kickstarter campaign which could help.

QuickStix is a company based in San Francisco and their idea has meant adding a few simple changes to chopsticks to make sure everyone can master the technique.

To bring their idea to the people, they launched a Kickstarter campaign which already has 173 backers and a total of $7,747 has been pledged of their $20,000 goal.

They say on their page: “QuickStix are the world’s first and only reusable chopsticks with insane grip. With our patent-pending concave hexagonal design, you will grab onto your food like you never have before. They will make you feel like a Kung-fu master of chopsticks.”

Quiksticks 3

The sweet story behind the idea for these innovative chopsticks comes from when co-founders William and Charis Lam went on a sushi date and Charis found herself hesitating to eat.

“I’d used chopsticks before but not much and I definitely sucked at it.” She added: “I kept dropping my food and I got really embarrassed.”

How do QuickStix Differ from Regular Chopsticks?

William was to the rescue with his experience in engineering, user experience and design. The couple went to the drawing board and quickly created a prototype of their new chopsticks using their 3D printer.

William says: “Then we kind of got addicted to solving this problem and spent quite a bit of time on this.”

Quickstix 1

After twenty prototypes and an “insane amount of testing”, the couple seem ready to bring QuickStix to the masses.

The hexagonal design of these 3D printed chopsticks should be great for learners or even for regular use and the sticks are reusable too.

They are made from PPS meaning they are safe to eat with as well as being FDA approved, chemical-resistant and dishwasher safe.

Quickstix 2

Previously, William has done two successful Kickstarter projects and has raised over $270,000. With just 8 days to go on the Quickstix KS campaign, it’ll be interesting to see whether they reach their goal.

The company are clear that they welcome absolutely any support, so make sure to check out their page, but keep in mind that you have to contribute at least $15 in order to get a pair of their limited early bird QuickStix.

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