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Disney Infinity: Olaf the Snowman made with 3D Printing

Disney Infinity

See how a Disney Infinity figure is made, featuring Olaf the Snowman from Frozen. Watch this collectible come to life from initial design to final boxing.

For anyone not in the know, Olaf is the lovable snowman character from the franchise, Frozen. He is also arguably one of the most popular characters in Disney Infinity, the adventure video game.

In this game, users are able to synchronize their collectible, physical figurines with the system and unlock special stages to play within the worlds of Disney and Pixar.

If you’re a fan of the game, then check out the video which Disney have released showing the behind the scenes from their Boxed series. It reveals the entire process of creating a 3D printed Olaf Disney Infinity Figure!

The video below shows the huge level of detail which goes into making each of the figurines — from 3D sculpting in ZBrush to SLA 3D printing and intricate post-processing.

How are the Disney Infinity Figures Created?

In the video, you’re able to watch the process from beginning to end. First of all, a carefully adapted 2D sketch is created by an artist who makes sure the original design of Olaf is the same, but with a more computer animated appearance.

From here, Shane Olson, the ZBrush 3D sculpting artist, transforms this 2D sketch into a 3D rendering of the character. His 3D rendering is used to create both the character for the onscreen game as well as the 3D printed digital Disney Infinity figurine.

Next in the video is the 3D Printing Room! This is where the 3D model of Olaf is brought into reality from resin used in SLA 3D printing.

The 3D printed Olaf is then painted, programmed and placed onto the game console and, with the typical Disney magic, appears as an Infinity character on screen. Make sure to watch the video to check out the whole fascinating process for yourself!

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