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Deus Ex Inspired 3D Printed Retractable Sunglasses, Triggered by UV

Retractable Sunglasses

This Reddit user was so inspired by the video game series “Deus Ex” that he designed and 3D printed retractable sunglasses triggered by UV rays.

One of the coolest augmentations in the “Deus Ex” series are Adam Jensen’s spectacles. In the game, they offer him a lot of advantages like the “smart vision.” Every time Adam Jensen goes into combat mode, the glasses just snap into place.

They got Reddit user Annoying_Guest (aka Yousif Ashoor) thinking: Would he be able to build his retractable sunglasses?  Thankfully, he has knowledge of design and 3D printing. With the power of a desktop 3D printer, he 3D printed the frames of the sunglasses and added some electronics. Thanks to embedded ultraviolet sensors the glasses close every time he enters direct sunlight. 

Although many Reddit users are skeptical about how safe the retractable sunglasses are, Ashoor pulls them off. Check out the video below to see Yousif’s glasses in action with a brief description:

Some Specifics of the Retractable Sunglasses

Currently, Ashoor has not released an Instructables page but claims he may do so in the future. However, he has offered up a lot of information about his process by answering questions on Reddit.

Good news for anyone who wants to make their own retractable sunglasses with a desktop printer: The parts for his design are available to download for free from Thingiverse. Ashoor explained he used a Zortrax M200 and a modified Solidoodle to print.

However, you’ll have to get imaginative when it comes to the specifics of the electronics for Ashoor’s project. Other than mentioning that an Arduino Nano and lipo batteries are essential, he is yet to release any information about the sensors.

It seems there is a lot to expand on with this idea. Commenters have already pointed out the use of the retractable lenses for motorcycle helmets. Ashoor replied: “I am working my way up with this stuff but I am thinking of making some sort of full face helm for cycling.”

Until then, Ashoor is still replying to comments on the Reddit thread. Would you wear Deus Ex inspired sunglasses? Let us know what you think of the design in the comments.