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Design Studio TOMLIN Creates 3D Printed Colorful Ceramics

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by Hanna Watkin
Oct 27, 2017

Two Swedish designers are creating sustainable 3D printed ceramics, from tea light holders to small plates, in a range of colors, including punky pink.

Linda Pierre and Tomas Nihlén are two designers who run Tomlin, a small design studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Their first release is a “playful and future-proof design product with endless possibilities”. They call this PRIMITIVS and it is presented in a series of pieces.

Under the umbrella of their work is “Minimal”. This collection offers minimalist, 3D printed ceramics based on a cube, a sphere, a cone and a cylinder.

This series has a colorful selection of 19 different pieces. The 3D printed ceramics come in six different colors which include, winter white, beetle black, gravel grey, yolk yellow, gecko green and punky pink.

The designers add on their website what “Minimal” is: “The perfect series to start off your PRIMITIVS collection with and to use as the foundation for upcoming series and pieces. The clean look with its glossy finish and bright colors of this series makes it both playful and long lasting.”


Choose from Single Pieces or Kits

From the Tomlin shop, you can decide whether you’d like to buy a preselected kit of pieces or you can choose to put your own pieces together. Minimal series has both connector pieces that can either be built with or used as candle holders.

The shop now has 162 items available with more on the way. Right now you can choose from regular candle holders and vases, tea light holders, small plates and lamp pieces.

The designers pride themselves on creating sustainable on-demand products which are only made when ordered. All pieces have a specific look, reflecting the series, but also fitting together with future designs.

Prices range from around €30 for a single piece to €200 for a kit. Find out more here.

Source: PRIMITIVS website

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