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3D Printing Startup Dagoma Receives €3m in Funding


French 3D printing startup Dagoma has received €3 million in funding and is launching a new desktop 3D printer, the DiscoEasy200.

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3D printing manufacturer company Dagoma, founded in 2014 by Gauthier Vignon and Matthew Regnier in the North of France, has announced a new €3 million investment and a new 3D printer in their range.

The success of these printers, which sold over 4,000 of in just two years, brought the startup to the attention of Olivier Leclercq, former chairman of Decathlon Oxylane and owner of Olivarius Hotels. Leclercq, one of the richest men in France, is now a lead investor in the fledgling company.

According to 3DNatives, Leclercq said of the investment:

“I was attracted by the energy and the innovation capacity of Dagoma teams to make 3D printing accessible to the greatest number. I am delighted to support them in their development in France and soon internationally. “

Similar to their previous offerings, the new DiscoEasy200 will be a budget DIY kit for entry-level beginners retailing for €299. This printer will replace the Discovery200, and complement the professional grade Explorer 350.


The Future is Bright for Dagoma

Dagoma already has a game plan for how they will use the €3 million investment. By the end of the year, they will recruit fifteen more staff, growing their headcount to 41 employees.

The company is also hoping to expand their operations across France. To branch out from North to South, they’re launching a training center in the Bordeaux suburb of Pessac. Here, makers will find on-demand 3D printing services, 3D printing support, and hopefully a friendly co-working space.

If everything runs smoothly in Bordeaux, the company also plan to launch into overseas territories.

With the new DiscoEasy200, 40% of the machine is assembled from 3D printed parts. Dagoma promise that the printer is entirely built in France, true to their reputation of creating jobs for the French economy. Upgrades include a print speed of up to 100mm/s, and a build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm.

Owners of the older Discovery200 needn’t feel disappointed, however. Dagoma have helpfully put together a kit and STL files to allow you to upgrade your old machine to the specifications of the new DiscoEasy200. Visit the Dagoma store to order a “Pack Evolution Disco” for €89.