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Cooler Master MasterPulse Headphones with 3D Printable Panels


The MasterPulse gaming headphones from Cooler Master feature detachable 3D printable panels to modify the sound experience.

Launched by gaming specialists Cooler Master, the MasterPulse is a high-end audio headset designed for competitive gaming and virtual reality.

The topline feature is that users can remove panels from the sides of the cups, which significantly alter the sound according to the requirements of the listener. With the panels removed, the listener can hear lower frequencies with enriched bass tones. With the panels on, a normal bass level will resume.

“It’s a headset that allows you to tailor your own listening experience,” says Cooler Master. “Whether you’re gaming, traveling, or gaming while traveling, this is the headset for you.”

And the icing on the cake is that these panels can be customized and 3D printed, too. Simply download the OBJ files from the MasterPulse product page, and modify them in your favourite 3D modeling application.


Features of the MasterPulse Headphones

The headphones incorporate Bass FX Technology, which is compared to “an easy to use voice changer for your ears.” The benefits are being able to hear explosions on games more clearly, or immersing yourself in a rich bass line.

Further design features of the headphones are intended to make using them easy and comfortable. An aluminium, lightweight frame provides a secure and flexible feel while you play, plus five cushions along the frame provide a snug fit for your head.

Padding is also used on the ear cups to block unwanted noise, but make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. These cups, together with the panels, are detachable.

Tempted to buy this headset? You can choose from either the normal MasterPulse, which will be available for $79.95 in October.

But if you’re happy to wait for a more high-end version, the MasterPulse Pro 7.1 Channel will cost $109 and be launched in November.

Source: Cooler Master