The Continuing Adventures of Janne Kyttanen

Janne Kytannen

There are just a few artists that understand how to make 3D prints look stunning. In this comment, All3DPs columnist Rachel Park introduces Janne Kytannen.

Finnish born designer, Janne Kyttanen, likely needs little introduction to many in the 3D printing industry. His pioneering work with 3D printing has generated interest in the technology for more than a decade now and inspired designers, artists and consumers alike with an original approach to form and function.

Kyttanen’s latest work — in the form of two brand new 3D printed pieces — is being unveiled in different global locations this week. Gallery ALL in Los Angeles is hosting the Design Miami / Basel 2016 event over five days and features the new addition to Kyttanen’s Avoid collection – the Avoid chandelier. Meanwhile, Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam is presenting a new Avoid table in a sleek rhodium finish. Both Gallery ALL and Galerie VIVID will present the new pieces amid a curated collection of Kyttanen’s other works, which include his Metsidian Tray, Shelf and Side Table; Rollercoaster Tables; Them Romans; and Sedona Tables.

Janne Kyttanen_Avoid_rhodium
Another “want” for the collection: Janne Kyttanen with his Avoid stool. /(image:

The Avoid Chandelier is described as an extraordinary oversized light feature — and it really is that and so much more. Measuring 1.5 m in diameter it is big, which is even more extraordinary considering the manufacturing method. The result is a stunning 3D printed chandelier that produces a glowing circle of light featuring an intricate diamond structure.

There is plenty of science behind the design too, according to Kyttanen, as the form of his design for the Avoid Chandelier is influenced by Lie sphere geometry — a geometrical theory in which the fundamental concept is the sphere whereby all lines should be regarded as spheres of infinite radius and points in the plane as spheres of zero radius. However, whether this means anything to you or not, the resulting function certainly cannot be avoided (pun intended) as the chandelier produces the most beautiful and warm illumination — even in the most monumental of spaces.

Want some warm illumination? Here is the the chrome version of the "Avoid" chandelier source: Janne )
Want some warm illumination? Here is the the chrome version of the “Avoid” chandelier (image:

The table is also influenced by Lie sphere geometry and this sculptural work, with a sleek rhodium finish, features an obvious complex diamond structure.

I have long been an admirer of Janne’s work and this one, in particular, I find extremely desirable and can easily vision gracing my newly decorated living room. Unfortunately, it is likely to remain a desirable goal, because Kyttanen’s pieces are only ever produced in limited editions of eight. Which is probably part of what makes it so desirable.

These latest works are the first released by Kyttanen since he resigned as 3D Systems’ Creative Director earlier this month. While he continues to develop his design collections between his two studios in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, the word is Janne will also be turning his attention to a new venture — What the Future Venture Capital — in a bid to support new and innovative start-up companies at the cutting-edge of disruptive new technologies, which of course includes 3D printing.

Expect more from this creative individual.