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colorFabb Introduces PA-CF Low Warp Filament

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by Hanna Watkin
Dec 18, 2017

Pre-order the new colorFabb PA-CF low warp filament which is the first material developed in partnership with LEHVOSS Group.

colorFabb, the 3D printing filament manufacturer, is announcing the release of their new PA-CF Low Warp material. They describe this as a carbon fiber infused polyamide material with mechanical properties of a PA6.

The company claims that it has excellent printability because of extremely low warp. In fact, they claim the filament has the ability to print “nearly warp free on non-heated build platforms”.

What’s also special about this filament is that it’s the first material developed withLehvoss Group. This is a new partnership between the group and colorFabb. Lehvoss Group is a chemical company that has been selling chemical and mineral specialties to industrial customers for more than 120 years.

For printing, use the PA-CF low warp filament on an FFF desktop 3D printer. Printing should be possible so long as your printer has a temperature range of at least 260°C on the hot-end and the ability to mount an abrasive resistant nozzle.

You can already pre-order the filament from the colorFabb website today for €79.95. Shipping will start tomorrow.

“The ability to print engineering level materials on any desktop 3D printer is very exciting. In most cases engineering materials can be very challenging to print, but what we’ve seen from our tests on several popular 3D printers is that the PA-CF Low Warp has excellent properties and can even be printed without warping on a build plate at ambient temperature. This is huge value for a material which is known to be difficult to print,” said Ruud Rouleaux, director at colorFabb B.V.


Benefits of Purchasing the PA-CF Low Warp Filament

The new filament has been modified to reduce uptake of moisture. Better yet, it takes four times as long to reach its saturation point when compared to PA6, which is unmodified. colorFabb claim that PA-CF Low Warp is less affected by moisture than most other nylon filaments available.

“We are excited that colorFabb has chosen our materials for their high-performance PA filaments. With our product line LUVOCOM 3F for extrusion-based 3D printing, we are focusing on high-performance applications. Our materials enable 3D printing to be used not only for the traditional prototyping applications but also for functional parts and series production. Having an improved layer adhesion and reduced warping, coupled with the high-quality filament technology of colorFabb, makes the whole process reliable and repeatable.” said Thiago Medeiros Araujo, Market Development 3D Printing at LEHVOSS Group.

According to colorFabb, the material shows good results when printed at ambient temperature. Find out more information, here. Or, pre-order and test out the new filament yourself from the webshop.

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