Featured image of colorFabb Creates Lodewijk van der Grinten Prize 2017 Using Funky New nGen_LUX Filament
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colorFabb Creates Lodewijk van der Grinten Prize 2017 Using Funky New nGen_LUX Filament

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by Hanna Watkin
Dec 14, 2017

As sponsor and trophy maker of the Lodewijk van der Grinten prize, colorFabb came up with a unique and interesting design for 2017. 

When colorFabb, the 3D printing filament company, was tasked again with creating trophies for the Lodewijk van der Grinten prize, they had some thinking to do.

However, colorFabb seems to be on a roll because they’ve now created the Lodewijk van der Grinten awards for two years running. And yet, since anything is possible with 3D printing, the award needed to be both unique and special.

So, now you’re probably wondering what the Lodewijk van der Grinten award is? Essentially, it’s an Entrepreneur Award named after the founder of Océ.

This manufacturing company is a huge economic power in Venlo and the surrounding areas of the Netherlands.

These entrepreneurial awards have been handed out at the annual ceremony since 2010. colorFabb is not only one of the sponsors of the event, but also the trophy maker.

This year, the Lodewijk van der Grinten award went to Seacon Logistics. However, colorFabb was asked to print commemorative trophies for all of the nominees. To do this, they decided to use their upcoming nGen_LUX filament.

Lodewijk van der Grinten

Creative Trophies by colorFabb

Every nominee received an award made from the new nGen_LUX filament. colorFabb printed the awards using the Stacker s4. To do that, they used a dual extrusion mode at 0.2mm layer height, a 0.4mm nozzle, and 240C 85C (464F 185F) bed temp to print the designs.

The unique, brilliantly metallic-looking trophies are certainly something to behold.

As an initiative of the Foundation Lodewijk van der Grinten Business Award, the participants include, LLTB Horst Venlo, Venlo Small and Medium Businesses (MKB), Entrepreneurial Venlo and the city of Venlo.

This area in the Netherlands is a fantastic logistic hub of Europe. However, due to the sheer number of businesses in the area, it can be difficult to gain attention and traction. Winning this award can make a huge difference for business.

If you like the look of the award, check out the nGen_LUX 3D printing filament. It’s set to be released in 2018. This product is based on colorFabb’s nGen filament but has an “unrivaled” surface finish. Visit the company’s website to find out more about the filament and its release date.

Source: colorFabb

Lodewijk van der Grinten

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