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3D Printed Clip-on Vase

Clip on Vase

Clip on Vase (source: Shapeways)
Clip on Vase (source: Shapeways)

If you thought that flowers are only stored in vases, well you thought wrong, and designer Aleksandar proves this with his 3D printed Clip on Vase. Aleksandar believes that simplicity, smart and practical solutions normally built on existing objects – be it natural creations or man-made products – create the greatest impact. The Clip on Vase is an accessory that brings double functionality to a VÄNLIG and IKEA POKAL glass, or any other glass with a diameter of 86-87mm to be used as a vase. All you’ll require is a simple click to convert your glass into an aesthetically pleasing vase.

The shape of the Clip on Vase has been optimized so that it utilizes as little material as possible without compromising the functionality of the product. It is manufactured from polyamide with fine surface texture. That is a flexible material that permits shrinkage and extension of the vase.

So if you do not have a vase but your apartment is filled with IKEA POKAL glasses, you can use the Clip on Vase to make your own vase for storing flowers. The Clip on Vase has a selection of colors to suit everyone’s preference, and costs $15.99.

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