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Chuck Hellebuyck’s Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing

Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing

More than 2550 years ago, Chinese philosopher Laozi wrote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  That truth is no less valid today than it was all those years ago.

Chuck Hellebuyck
Chuck Hellebuyck

However, the rapid advancement of technology in the 21st century has complicated many of the journeys we wish to take – complicated them to the point that we often don’t know where to start.  But just as Laozi implied, even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point.

Thankfully, author Chuck Hellebuyck  has seen fit to provide us that starting point, at least as far as 3D printing is concerned.  Though additive manufacturing technology has been around in one form or another for almost 40 years, it has only recently (within the past 8 – 10 years) gone mainstream and become available for home use.  Like most new technologies, it has developed quickly, and more and more products are available for consumer use.  This proliferation of products has raised many questions from those looking to take their first tentative steps into the world of 3D printing:

* What printer should I buy if I’m on a budget?
* What printer software should I use?
* How do I create 3D designs?
* How do I send a design to a professional printer?

Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing (source: Chuck Hellebuyck via Kickstarter)
Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing (source: Chuck Hellebuyck via Kickstarter)

Mr. Hellebuyck’s Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing answers these questions (and many more) in the process of exploring the realm of additive manufacturing.  The book introduces readers to the latest low-cost printers (it focuses on the Da Vinci 1.0) and addresses such things as setting up your printer, choosing the software, and creating the first 3-D print.  In addition, Mr. Hellebuyck’s guide touches on such useful topics as, Tinkercad, and scanning a 2D object.

At only 90 pages, Mr. Hellebuyck’s Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing will be an easy read (it is not finished right now but Helleybuck’s other publications were).  And don’t let the number of pages fool you.  This little guide will be chock full of enough information to transform even the most untrained individual into a full-on 3D printing ninja.

So don’t delay.  Take the first step on your journey of a thousand miles.  Head on over to right now and pledge your support for this noble undertaking.