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Canary Prototypes Security Boxes on MakerBot 3D Printers


Home security startup, Canary, is using MakerBot 3D printers for rapid prototyping. This allows the company to bring their products to the market faster than ever before.

Canary, a New York City-based startup, released its first all-in-one security system in 2013. Since its foundation three years ago, the company has disrupted the home security industry with its innovative security devices.

Canary's first all-in-one-security solution
Canary’s first all-in-one-security solution with HD camera, motion detector, air monitor, siren and more…

They started out by raising nearly 2 million dollars on Indiegogo. But, in order to stay up-to-date, they needed a comprehensive rapid prototyping solution. Of course, 3D printing was the best option for their needs.

CEO and Co-Founder, Adam Sager, said: “At Canary, we pride ourselves on working quickly and focusing on design so we spend a lot of time prototyping.”

As a result, the company brought on a MakerBot Replicator Mini+ and two MakerBot Replicator+ desktop 3D printers.

Comprehensive Rapid Prototyping at Canary

Using the MakerBot 3D printers, the company plans to bring better products to the market in a short time period. 3D printing allows designers and engineers to test ideas and accelerate iteration. The team first begins by sketching a concept, then uses CAD software to model it. Next, 3D printers are used to create the prototype, and after reviewing, the whole process begins again. By making the printers accessible to everyone in the office, the team is able to review, make decisions and collaborate on every part of the process.

In the run-up to finalizing its latest indoor/outdoor security product, the Canary Flex, for September 2016, the company was using Stratasys’ Objet and Fortus industrial 3D printers and the MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D printer for prototyping.

According to Krause, “Days matter, minutes matter, and having the Replicator+ behind my desk just saved that much more time to where I could quickly model something, send it to the printer, keep working on the next version, and as soon as the other one is done, pop it off, and send the next version to the printer. So iteration is just that quick”.

To find out more about Canary and their products, make sure to visit their website.

Source: Makerbot

The weather-proof Canary Flex security system.
The weather-proof Canary Flex security system.