Why Pay More?

Build a Super Cheap DIY 3D Printer from Old CD-ROM Drives

DIY 3D Printer

Who says 3D printers have to be expensive? If you’re desperate for your 3D printer but feel the price tag is just too much, you can now build a DIY 3D printer. 

If you are an experienced maker, this should be a great building project. However, unless you have some know-how, you may want to stick to some of the cheaper options that you can find here.

Gigafide, an Instructables user, created this design. He said: “This idea was inspired by all of the CD-ROM CNC machines that I’ve seen on Instructables. I’ve seen them used as drawbots, laser cutters, drill presses, but I haven’t seen one yet used for a 3D printer… at least not a reasonably priced one. So the goal of this instructable is to show you how to make your own 3D printer from old CD-ROM drives and a cheap 3D printing pen.”

So, with this, he made his own and you (probably) can too.

How Do I Make a DIY 3D Printer from CD-ROM Drives?

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This project re-uses old computer parts and other miscellaneous items which are then all brought together to create a perfect personalised DIY 3D printer.

An cheap old CD-ROM drive shouldn’t be hard to come by. Gigafide believes his bill of materials can be scavenged from thrift shops, college dumpsters, and government or school buildings that are getting rid of them.

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If you think you are up to it, this list includes; three CD/DVD-ROM drives, three stepper Motor drivers, a PC Power supply, Arduino Uno and a 3D Printing Pen & Filament. To put everything together, you will also require; various screws, nuts, standoffs, two electrical box covers, soldering equipment and hot glue. Also, some basic electronic and software experience is needed when programming the Arduino One.

He even estimates that these parts should only set you back around $55. Of course, this depends on how much you’re able to hunt and scavenge yourself. Don’t expect it to compete to bigger brands, but the result’s will be fine for most requirements.

If you’re interested, you can find the full instructions here and check out the video below. If you manage it, let us know how cheap it was for you to create your own CD-ROM DIY 3D printer!