Weekend Project

Build A Pokemon Detector With A Raspberry Pi

Pokemon detector

Adafruit offers a great DIY project for Pokemon Go players. With their Raspberry Pi Pokemon detector, you have a better chance of catching these legendary Pokemon. 

What looks like a Pokemon lure module is a sort of Pokemon detector. This 3D printed Raspberry Pi detector lets you know when they’re close. It like getting a notification when Pokemon are nearby. This can be really useful, especially when you’re at work, in a conference or stuck in class. So you can leave your phone in your pocket – and you don’t have to check every minute.

Raspberry Pi meets Pokemon: How Does It Work?


This thing‘s simple and a real beauty. By loading some python code onto the Raspberry Pi, you can connect to the unofficial Niantic Pokemon API.

You will get request when a Pokemon spawns in your area. The LEDs soldered to the Raspberry Pi will indicate what type of Pokemon are nearby:

  • When a common Pokemon appears, this first LED turns on.
  • The second LED lights up when rare Pokemon are nearby.
  • When a legendary Pokemon is close, the third LED will turn on.

What do I Need for the Raspberry Pi Pokemon Detector?


Actually, you won’t need much. The parts list consists a Raspberry Pi Zero, of course. Also on your shopping list:

  • Tiny OTG Adaper USB Micro to USB
  • Mini WiFi Module
  • 3mm LED
  • 220ohm Resistor
  • Perma-Proto Flex-PCB

All the 3D printing files are free for you to download. If you don’t have a 3D printer at hand, you might consult a 3D printing service – you get the best price overview here.

If you have all the components, you need to follow these instructions.

Attention! You Might Get Banned Using This!


With this Raspberry Pi Pokemon Finder, there are risks involved.

  1. This is hacker’s business – and therefore violated Niantic’s terms of service. If Niantic doesn’t like it when folks use their API, they can shut it down in an instant. So if you’re reading this, it may or may not work. Better check Google News if the hack still works.
  2. Just to make sure: Don’t use this on your main account! Niantic can ban your account, if they think the Raspberry Pi Pokemon Detector is a cheating device.

If you still want to have a go, find detailed instructions right at Adafruit.