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3d printed jewelry

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Wearing unique jewelry is about standing out and decorating oneself to feel more special. With 3D printing, any jewel can become personal – because it was made just for you, with your name on it or in the shape you want. To name a few, some of the most interesting artists using 3D printing technology are:

  1. German company Scope for Design offers beautiful rings. They consist of letters you enter in a configurator, making the rings highly personalised presents.
  2. .bijouet from Italy offers 3D printed jewels. Their extremely complex designs can be printed in nylon for as little as 36 US-Dollars.
  3. On the other hand, pendants from UK based company 3D Luxury cost more than US-Dollar 3.900. Their Christmas 2014 collection was made of white or yellow 18k gold, with cut diamonds and highly refined finishes, to go with particularly complex geometrical 12 point-star shapes which could not easily be replicated by traditional manufacturing.
  4. Israeli artist Dana Bloom launched a line of complex generative metal jewelry designs and the Colors line of thermoplastic accessories, 3D printed by basic FDM technology.
  5. Nervous Systems Kinematics and Cell Cycle are generating individual patterns. The software is capable of replicating patterns based on natural looking lines. The Cell Cycle software cellular structures to make rings, bangles, cuffs and sculptures. Kinematics is even more fascinating, as it is capable of making “4D printed jewels”, meaning they are 3D printed as a shape with moving parts. Definitely worth a look.
  6. You might also check out All3DP-author Jeffrey Ito’s company MOCCI. It’s a a Los Angeles based 3D printed jewelry brand that focuses on customization, quality and the internet of everything.

Also, Shapeways has a whole boarddedicated to beautiful, affordable and interesting pieces – giving “multiples” a whole new meaning.

We’ve collected some of the most glamorous pieces on our Pinterest board – Happy browsing!

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