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3D Printed Bike Carrying Handle

Biking for me has always been about freedom. I was 12 when I got my first geared bike and after some begging, my parents gave me permission to ride to McDonald’s (about two miles away) to get an ice cream cone. After that fateful day, there was no stopping me. I was all over my small town (about 5 miles by 2 miles). From one end of town to the other to rent a movie and pick up lunch, to the library, to the pool, to my friend’s house, and everything in between.

If you’ve been a rider for any length of time, you’ve encountered situations where it’s inappropriate (or just downright impossible) to go while on your bike. Not to mention the times you blow a tire tube and are caught without a spare. It’s these instances when carrying your bike become a necessity. You could go truly old-school and just sling the top tube over your shoulder or hold it in your hand at shoulder level bit this becomes uncomfortable real fast.

Back in the 80s, I discovered a piece of padded equipment that straps into the corner of the top tube and seat tube and gives the bike a place to rest on your shoulder while at the same time preventing the nasty blisters that would come from carrying your bike on your shoulder without the pad. It also had the benefit of allowing you to carry your bike on your shoulder relatively hands-free (alleviating the discomfort of having your hand fall asleep).

But that was then, and this is the 21st century. The first decade of the new millennium has given rise to many technological innovations. Chief amongst those innovations (for bike riders anyway) is the Fixie Carrying Handle by designer MichaelMuller. This simple yet elegant design bolts quickly and easily near the intersection of the seat tube and the down tube to provide a convenient grip for those times when carrying trumps riding. Carrying is secure because the top tube rests securely between your arm and your torso leaving the other hand free to hold the handlebars, a bag, or a triple venti half sweet non-fat caramel macchiato. This handle could also provide a secure, non-greasy place to put your hand when hoisting your bike for storage on a wall or car-mounted rack.

Buy it at Shapeways

The carrying handle currently comes in three sizes – 29 mm (1.14 in.), 32 mm (1.26 in.), and 34 mm (1.34 in.)– to accommodate different diameter tubes. The current price is €42.29 / $45.42. Designer MichaelMuller even offers you the option or requesting your size if the three stock sizes don’t fit. I guess you have no excuse now.

So navigate over to Shapeways.com, purchase this handle in your choice of colors, and get your grip on in the best way possible. Happy riding (or carrying)!

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