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BeeTheFirst 3D Printer has Proven Use Case on Factory Floors


Real world case study with consumer electronics company shows BeeTheFirst 3D printers are suitable not just in homes and schools, but also in the factory.

BeeVeryCreative have been working hard on establishing the long-term capabilities of their BeeTheFirst 3D printer. The young company’s printer has now been on the market for just over two years, with machines running 24/7 in their headquarters without a noteworthy hitch.

However, as they quite rightly assert in a post on their blog: “This is hardly an impartial circumstance that we can put forward as iron-clad evidence of a 3D printer’s worth. We needed an outside view, so we turned to one of our very first customers, electronics company, HFA.”

HFA specialize in providing customers from all over the globe with electronic appliances that are ready-to-go, meaning the finished items can be used immediately, without additional assembly.

HFA decided to have a 3D printer in their meeting room for demonstrations, where they could show one of their products being prototyped on the spot.

In time, the BeeTheFirst 3D printer which they had in their possession found its way to the factory floor, where it is used in creating templates and prototypes.


How Did HFA use Their BeeTheFirst 3D Printer?

Thanks to 3D printing, objects were created, tested and tweaked faster and cheaper than conventional methods, boosting productivity and lowering costs.

Then, another twist; 3D printed objects began to be used on the production line itself, with finished pieces in use intensively, which BeeVeryCreative claim had no need for maintenance whatsoever.

The machine, which was designed for home and educational use, appears to be thriving outside of its comfort zone and in an industrial setting. The printer is apparently so successful that HFA have even ordered two more new 3D printers too.

This is one of BeeVeryCreative’s first real world case studies to help them bolster their claim to reliability. Check out the video below for more details.