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BCN3D Ignis Laser Cutter Launched with Crazy Promo

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by Tyler Koslow
Nov 28, 2016

Folks who purchase the new BCN3D Ignis laser cutter before the end of 2016 will receive a BCN3D Sigma 3D printer for absolutely free.

Whether you’re a maker or an industrial designer — or somewhere in between — you’re probably aware that additive manufacturing is not the only production technique at your disposal.

There’s also “subtractive” manufacturing processes like CNC milling and laser cutting. And through the combination of advances in technology and expiring patents, they’re increasingly more popular.

Case in point is Barcelona-based BCN3D Technologies. After a stellar year with the highly regarded BCN3D Sigma 3D printer, the company now launches the BCN3D Ignis V2017, a new and improved laser cutting machine.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, the BCN3D Ignis is powered by a 100W CO2 laser and has a maximum cutting area of 995x575mm. It can cut, mark and engrave on a wide range of materials, including wood, methacrylate, steel, aluminum, stone, cardboard, and many others.

Check out the launch video below to see the BCN3D Ignis in action:

BCN3D Ignis is New and Improved

The original Ignis machine had a complicated calibration process. To overcome this, BCN3D equipped the latest system with a Beam Combiner. This is an optical laser that is visible and harmless to the human eye.

The Ignis V2017 allows the operator to fuse this vision beam together with the main CO2 laser. This provides for continuous calibration while also ensuring safety even when the door is opened.

In addition, the BCN3D Ignis V2017 features a motorized cutting table and an autofocus system. These features enable users to efficiently set the material thickness, and allows engraving for objects up to 290mm in height.

The integrated RDWorks control software further expands the available file management options, allowing users to modify designs, parameterize the laser operations, and export directly from Adobe Illustrator.

Taken together, both the Ignis and Sigma machines can dramatically expand the range of production possibilities. Which is just as well; to promote the launch of the BCN3D Ignis, the folks at BCN3D are offering an extraordinary deal.

To anyone that purchases the Ignis V2017 laser cutter before the end of December 2016, they will throw in a BCN3D Sigma, absolutely free. If you’re responsible for building a new makerspace or a fablab, this should be a difficult offer to refuse.

Source: BCN3D

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