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Apple Watch mockup helps you decide

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Let’s be honest, Apple Watch may be expensive and a mere add-on for your iPhone… but you want one. Or at least you want to give it a try. But which model should you choose? The smaller one with 38 mm or the large one with whooping 42mm? There’s no way to solve this by staring at your wrist – you have to try it on.

Problem is: If there’s no Apple store in your neighborhood, you won’t see the watch out in the wild until April 24th. And even worse, if you want to try it on, there’s no way before the watch is in the stores on April 10th for preordering.

3D printing solves this problem.

Designer Martin Hajek from Utrecht created mock-ups by using high-resolution photos of the watch from Apple’s website. They might not get into every detail, the exquisite bands won’t appear magically and there’s absolutely no function whatsoever.

Apple Watch Mockups (image: Martin Hajek)
This 3d printed Apple watch mockup should help you decide which model you want.  (image: Martin Hajek)

How to print your apple watch mockup

You can buy the files in different sizes and file formats (most of them in *.max – 3dsmax 2010 (scan line), *.max – 3dsmax 2010 (Arion 2.4), *.3ds, *.obj.) over at Turbosquid. Be careful, not every model you see is suited for 3D printing, please consult the descriptions. Martins “Apple Watch collection”, consisting of three models ‚Watch‘, ‚Sport‘ and ‚Edition‘ in two sizes, cost 55 US-Dollar. If you already know the model you want, you can save 20 bucks and just pay 35 US-Dollars.

Then you want to print the model. If you or your friends have a 3D printer, you can start right away. If not, you should visit your local 3D printshop. If you don’t know one, you can upload the file at Shapeways, Sculpteo und i.Materialise and have them printed. Depending on the material you choose, you pay some extra money for printing and shipping (even Apple mockups don’t come cheap). For a simple model, the PLA will do fine.

Martin Hajek offers a lot more models of smartwatches on his TurboSquid site. You’ll find Samsung’s Gear-Series, Motorola’s Moto 360 and even the new Pebble Time.