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10 Best 3D Printed Amiibo Stands (For Your Collection)

amiibo stand

Looking for an individual way to present your Amiibo collection? A 3D printed Amiibo stand may be the solution. Take a look at these free 3D printable Amiibo stands. 

Honestly: We love Nintendo‘s Amiibo figurines. Ranging from 8-Bit-Mario, Pikachu, Zelda, Samus to Mega Yarn Yoshi (and several others), we’ve assembled quite a collection ourselves. But if you happen to have some of these lovely figurines (gotta catch them all, right?), you run into “presentation problems” quite easily. Just putting them on the shelf without a proper presentation is somewhat uninspired.

3D printing can be the solution to that – and here are several free stands for our collection. Just download the files and start printing!

If you don’t own a 3D printer, you can have any Amiibo stand printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #1: Warp Pipe Riser

Amiibo stand warp pipe riser

What is it? It’s a retro game inspired, 3D printed Amiibo stand for a single figurine. There are three heights available: 50mm, 70mm, and 90mm. Just print it with dark green filament to get the authentic Super Mario feeling.

Who made it? A maker called carjo3000 from Texas. He also 3D printed it in ABS with 2 shells and 15% infill. He also smoothed the result stand with acetone vapor.

Difficulty level? It’s an easy 3D print. Everyone with some know-how in 3D printing can do it.

Where can I get it? You can download it for free at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #2: Amiibo Storage & Display Tray

Amiibo Stand Collection Storage and Display Tray

What is it? This thing is a display and storage tray. It holds 9 Amiibos. The tray measures 196 mm x 152 mm – so you might check if your build plate is big enough.

Who made it? Maker Sean “sand1“.

Difficulty level? For beginners – it’s a single print. It takes roughly 8 hours to print with an infill of 10 percent and layer height of 0.2mm.

Where can I get it? You download the files for free at Thingiverse

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #3: Interlocking Modular System

Amiibo stand Collection Interlocking Amiibo Stand

What is it? These 3D printed Amiibo stands look like puzzle pieces. You can print out as many as you need and interconnect them.

Who made it? Ryan Scala, also known as moddersunited. He’s done several other interesting collections.

Difficulty level? Medium. You may need to post-process your 3D prints to make them fit.

Where can I get it? Download it at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #4: Modular Amiibo Display Cubes

3D Printed Amiibo Stand

What is it? This is truly unique. These modular display cubes really look stunning.

You can print out a simple backdrop display, make an enclosed display cube, or even stack multiple cubes to form a unique display structure. The figures are held securely to the base, and can be read by your Wii U or 3DS while in the display. For stacking, just use an extra base in place of one of the top sections.

Also, there are nameplates for the most popular figures and a blank one of you want to do your own.

Who made it? “Like many people I have become obsessed with collecting figures lately and needed some way to display them”, says maker carjo3000.

Difficulty level? Medium to difficult, depending on your tinkering knowledge. You need to make some backgrounds, 3D print several parts, maybe paint them (i.e. the lettering) and piece them together.

Where can I get it? Get the digital blueprints at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #5: Wall Mount 

Wall mount for Amiibo figurines

What is it? It’s an wall mount for your Amiibo figurines. You won’t be needing screws, foam double sided tape should be enough to hold the weight.

Who made it? It’s another great design by Ryan Scala (a.k.a. moddersunited, Photo by Ryan Reich)

Difficulty level? It’s easy to 3D print. And you really should go for this “glow in the dark” material.

Where can I get it? Also, you get the files at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #6: Three Amiibo Stands

3D Printed Amiibo Stand

What is it? There are three versions available. One is a stand for a single figurine, another for 6 and a largo 8 Amiibo holder.

Who made it? The maker is called StrategicNuclearMoose. Sounds like you could do a great video game with that.

Difficulty level? If you know your 3D printer, all designs are easy to 3D print.

Where can I get it? You download the files for free at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #7: Amiibo Stand with Flag Award


What is it? You can 3D print this Amiibo stand for multiplayer sessions – it helps you keeping track of the scores.

Who made it? Thingiverse user Thread tells us this is “a stand I created for a friend who is running an Amiibo tournament. Awards are given in the form of flags, which can indicate overall placement in the tournament, as well as best in some particular stat category, such as “damage given per kill,” “life span,” etc.”

Difficulty level? Easy.

Where can I get it? You download the files for free at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #8: Arcade Girder Display Stand


What is it? If you’ve ever played the original “Donkey Kong” arcade game, this is the one for you: What’s more authentic than putting Donkey Kong on the scaffolding he had his debut on?

Who made it? It’s made by Arcade Labs.

Difficulty level? You can’t print it yourself, so the difficulty level is not relevant – you’ll get this stand delivered in a nice package.

Where can I get it? It’s yours for $32 from Shapeways. You can choose from 7 color variations.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #9: IKEA PS Shelf Extension

Amiibo Stand IKEA PS

What is it? That’s a nice idea: If you are using an IKEA PS shelf for displaying your Amiibo or Skylanders figurines, you might have run into a problem. Some of the statues are simply too big for the shelf. With this 3D printed gizmo, even Bowser stays in place.

Who made it? It’s made by EllieAppa.

Difficulty level? It’s easy. The maker recommends you use a brim for the shelf adapter.

Where can I get it? At Thingiverse. It’s free.

3D Printed Amiibo Stand #10: Balance Board for Wii Fit Trainer


What is it? Remove the ugly transparent cast from your Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo. Then you cover up the unsightly socket that appears in the Amiibo stand with this 3D printed Wii Balance Board!

Who made it? Ryan Veeder’s Shapes.

Difficulty level? This model is printed in two pieces so that you can paint and glue them together.

Where can I get it? From Shapeways for $6.

BONUS: 3D Printed Amiibo Stand: Shelves on Etsy

3D Printed Amiibo Stand

What is it? It’s a modular Amiibo stand system. Each stand holds 3+ figurines, and the stands fit together in multiple ways so you can show off as few or as many as you want!

Who made it? KnyteTechnologies.

Difficulty level? Zero – you buy it.

Where can I get it? You can buy this at Etsy.

Did we miss something? Did you design a great Amiibo stand yourself and want to have it added to the list? Please feel free to tell us in the comments.