Get The Best Price For Your 3D Prints

All3DP launches 3D Printing Price Comparison Service

3D Printing Price Comparison

ALL3DP are proud to announce our 3D Printing Price Comparison Service, helping you find the best price and materials for 3D printed objects.

In a world first, All3DP now offers unique real-time price comparisons of the major 3D printing services on the Internet. Simply upload your model and choose from leading services like Shapeways, i.materialise and Sculpteo to fulfil your order.

This price comparison service offers the most comprehensive overview and selection of 3D printing materials worldwide. We’re so confident in the benefits of this tool, ALL3DP is offering a money-back guarantee to the value of $50 USD on your first print.

How does the 3D Printing Price Comparison Service work?

It’s done in several clicks. Users can upload their 3D models here. Within moments, you’ll receive price quotes from participating service providers, together with an overview of available materials and finishes.

Further value is added by a free tool that verifies whether the 3D model is 3D printable, saving you time and money on wasted prints.

Additional printing services will be added in the very near future, so that customers will continue to have the broadest selection of materials — and prices — available anywhere.

There’s a Need for a 3D Printing Price Comparison Service

Mathias Plica, CEO All3DP (c) Bethel Fath / 3D Printing Price Comparison
Mathias Plica, CEO of All3DP (image: Bethel Fath)

“The All3DP price comparison engine helps customers select a service provider that best suits their particular needs”, says Mathias Plica, CEO of All3DP GmbH.

“The 3D printing market is very confusing. We’re making things easier for users. With our 3D printing price comparison, we offer more transparency and help users to find the right offer in the rapidly growing 3D printing market.”

Many people don’t have access to a 3D printer, but have identified a need for 3D printed objects in rapid prototyping and small-scale manufacturing. Online 3D printing services have the expertise to handle the production of almost any object, and offer a variety of high-quality printing materials.

It’s also the case that materials like gold, titanium or ceramics can only be processed using industrial strength 3D printers.

Market-leading printing services Shapeways, i.materialise and Sculpteo have already been integrated into the ALL3DP price comparison engine, through which users can place their orders directly. More services are scheduled to follow.

Watch this space for further exciting announcements.