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All3DP Mobile App: Get 3D Printing Stories on Your Smartphone

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Do you want to stay up to date on 3D printing topics? If you’re a smartphone or tablet user, there’s an easy solution: just install All3DP’s mobile app.

Sure, it always depends on the way you use computers. If you are reading this on a desktop PC (which the majority of All3DP’s users do), you’re probably good to go. But if you want to be informed if you’re not in your PC, All3DP’s Android and iOS app is perfect for you. It’s available for free.

 6 Reasons Why You Should Install All3DP’s Mobile App

1. Don’t miss a thing! With this app, you get all the information on 3D printing news directly to your tablet, smartphone or even to your smartwatch.

2. Sort specific topics. If you are interested in getting notified, you can fine-tune notifications for every category All3DP offers. Stay up to date with News, Basics, Printables, Features and Reviews. If aren’t interested in this feature, you also can turn all notifications off with just the flick of a switch.

3. Enjoy reading nore. Whether it’s on tablet or smartphone, with the app you get the most out of All3DP’s articles.

4. Comment on articles. You can comment on any article directly from within the App. All you need is a Disqus-account.

5. Share the love. Sharing is easier than ever: With minimal effort, you share an interesting piece with your friends on your preferred social network.

6. Build up your favourites. You can mark the articles you like for later reading.

Download the free All3DP Mobile App Now

You can download the Android App on Google Play for free.

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You can download the iOS-App for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch from Apples App Store for free.

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