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5 things you should know before you buy a 3D Selfie

1. Talk to the shop owner

There’s one guy who knows it all: The shop owner. He’s got the most experience. He understands the scanning process by heart and probably built the capturing-system himself. Also, he will be most likely the one who works on your 3D Model. Before you go, you should talk to him, ask all your questions and get the information on what clothes to wear. If the shop owner doesn’t want to provide you with information or answers to your questions, you should consider going to another facility: Customer service is an essential part of the 3d printing figurines business.

2. Size matters

Every 3D printed figurine is a piece of art. You should consider where you want to put it – either in your home, in the office or as a present to your loved ones. The place you want to put your figurine really decides it’s measures. Go check the surroundings of the place, as you want the statue to fit perfectly in your home.

3. What to wear

As the figurines are considerably smaller than yourself, you do not need to worry too much your facial expression – what’s more important are your clothes! They will cover 95 percent of your statue and will be very detailed. If you go for a polymer-gypsum-figurine, wrinkles in the fabric will be very prominent. So choose wisely!
Also, clothes reveal parts of your character. As the statue will be most likely for yourself or your loved ones, informal clothing will be fine.

4. Strike the right pose

If you stand with both feet on the ground, the statue will also most likely stand firmly – that‘s simple physics. Lets assume you want capture yourself a highly difficult Yoga- or martial-arts-pose, be advised that your figurine might need an extra base.
Also, there are different “input methods” for producing a 3D printed figurine: Scanning by hand or the camera-approach. It’s impossible to capture a karate kick with a hand-held scanner – so if you want your statue in an action pose, you have to go to a shop with a camera system.

5. Don’t ask for a whitewash

Nobody’s perfect – and that’s a good thing when it comes to figurines. Your uniqueness will be reflected in your statue. You might be unhappy with your weight or height, but adding a six-pack is a step away from your distinct personality. It’s like building an “ideal self” – thus, you might not find yourself represented in your idealistic image. Also, as the statue is not very big, some additional kilos on your hips really don’t matter too much.

You also might want to watch the video on how a 3D printed figurine is made:

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