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ZBrush 2019 Offers Non-Photorealistic Rendering and Easier Organization

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by Hanna Watkin
Apr 25, 2019

Pixologic released its latest iteration of ZBrush 2019, the popular digital sculpting software, which now offers delights such as a new folder organization update to a Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) system.

ZBrush 2019 is now available and promises a powerful set of new features to push creativity to new dimensions. For many, the most exciting update will be the introduction of Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR).

Pixologic, the company behind ZBrush, explains: “See your 3D artwork in a whole new way with the new NPR system. Give that final 3D sculpt a hand-drawn 2D style and even take your sculpted creations into the pages of a comic book.”

Users will be able to add overlaying textures, draw a dark outline around a 3D model, apply a halftone printer paper style, or apply a built-in presets resulting in an “entire world of artistic possibilities”.

Furthermore, Snapshot 3D has also been updated: now you can convert gray-scale images into a 3D model. Pixologic adds that it’s possible to create even more complex 3D shapes thanks to the fact that source images can be modified or combined through Boolean-type addition or subtraction.

Introducing a NPR System or a Folder System?

Next on the update list is ZRemesher v3.0. Pixologic claims this automatic retopology toolset is a key component in the modern ZBrush artist’s workflow. It allows for faster rendering of textures including sharp angles and creases. It also means the final polygon count per sculpture becomes more efficient.

Also, the camera system is now upgraded meaning artists can match the focal length of imported photographs and 3D renders. You can also import or export camera settings for use in any 3D application such as Keyshot.

There are two new plugins too including Intersection Masker and ZColor. The first allows users to create complex masks easily by generating one “where geometry islands intersect on a selected SubTool.” The latter is a new color manager for digital painting tasks.

Yet with all of these useful additions, one of the most anticipated and appreciated features to be added to ZBrush 2019 is likely the ability to organize projects through the Folder System which promises to speed up your productivity. With this feature, you can also apply actions to all contained meshes at once, for example, Move, Scale, Rotate, Duplicate, Delete, Hide/Show PolyPaint, and Live Boolean.

The new set of CAD goodies doesn’t come cheap. If you’re interested in working with ZBrush 2019, you’ll need to purchase it through a pay-as-you-go subscription option. This will cost anywhere from $39.95/month or you can choose the one-time perpetual license which never expires for $895.00. Visit the website to find out more.

Source: Solid Smack

Give 3D sculpts a hand-drawn 2D style with NPR (Source: Pixologic)

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