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Verbatim Launches Bio-Friendly Durabio 3D Printing Filament

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by Hanna Watkin
Nov 2, 2018

Verbatim, the data storage and recently 3D printing filament company, has launched a new bio-friendly filament called Durabio. The company will be at Formnext this month to discuss this latest development.

Verbatim, the group company of Mitsubishi Chemical known for its data storage technology, has announced the launch of a new filament for 3D FFF printing.

The new filament is called Durabio and is a transparent bio-based engineering material. Before this material was a filament, it was originally developed as a glass substitute for automotive uses and the mobile phone industry. It is regularly used for touchscreens console and dashboard trims and exterior radiator grilles.

The company explains in a press release: “By making it available as a 3D printable material, designers can now more easily develop functioning models or prototypes using the same material that will be used for mass production.”

What’s special about this material is that it combines the properties of Polycarbonate (PC) and Polymethacrylate (PMMA). As a result, Verbatim says that the filament is resistant to high heat, scratch, and abrasions.

It also has excellent optical and mechanical properties. Finally, the material boasts “superb” light transmission and UV resistance.


Introducing Specialist 3D Printing Materials

Durabio is based on a renewable source and is BPA free. Its main monomer is isosorbide which makes Verbatim hopes will make it “attractive to environmentally aware customers”.

“Verbatim’s goal is to drive new markets within the 3D printing industry and a key part of this is the introduction of specialist 3D printing materials that have been developed by Mitsubishi Chemical with Durabio being the latest exciting addition,” said Hidetaka Yabe, President of Verbatim GmbH.

It’s possible to buy this filament in either piano white or piano black. Both are transparent and high gloss. If you’d like to sample Durabio, this is possible at Formnext between the 13th and 16th of this month.

However, mass volume shipments won’t be available for this material until January 2019. But, before then, the company adds that they’re soon to be introducing new products including PET-G and high-speed PLA.

Source: Press Release

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