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TTM Adds Nano Dimension PCB 3D Printers for Production Runs

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by Hanna Watkin
Apr 23, 2019

TTM Technologies, a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing company, expanded its relationship with Nano Dimension, the additive electronics provider, by buying two DragonFly Pro to work with its current unit. 

TTM Technologies is the global leader in 3D printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. The company is expanding its capabilities for creating 3D printed electronics by purchasing two Nano Dimension DragonFly Pro systems.

Nano Dimension, the additive electronics provider, announced that the two companies have expanded their relationship as a result. TTM’s new printers join the single unit it already has at its facility.

By being able to 3D print PCBs, the company is better equipped to provide for its large enterprise customer base including companies in aerospace and defense industries.

Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension, said: “It’s been over a year since we launched the DragonFly Pro. One of the most significant achievements is seeing how customers using our system can consistently overcome development and production challenges, increase innovation and improve workflows to achieve faster time to market and better performance.”

TTM Now Offers Latest Prototyping and Manufacturing Solutions

According to Nano Dimensions, the DragonFly Pro is a precise inkjet deposition printer which has dedicated nano-inks and optimized 3D software.

The printers ensure TTM clients can benefit from the latest prototyping and manufacturing solutions and will be used to provide “engineering and manufacturing support for advanced experimental applications”.

Dror continues: “The combination of our unique system and TTM’s leading expertise in innovative design, development and manufacturing, allows them to provide services like no one else can, to achieve market dominance in traditional and additive manufacturing processes. We are excited to be collaborating with TTM, a company that is garnering the value of precision additive manufacturing of printed electronics.”

The systems will enable the company to have control over its entire development cycle. A press release states that the new DragonFly Pro systems mean engineering teams at TTM can combine conductive metal and polymers in a single print, and further “leverage the precision and the unique capabilities of the advanced 3D printing technology”.

The printers will be used to produce in-house prototyping of functional electronics. For example, RF antenna prototypes, multilayer PCBs, sensors, antennas, and new designs with complex geometries.

Furthermore, designers and engineers will be able to use the technology to miniaturize electronics to make devices much more efficient in their performance and capacity. Visit the TTM website to find out more.

Source: Globe Newswire

DragonFly Pro purchased by TTM (Source: Nano Dimensions)

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