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Rubik’s Cube Solves Itself Using 3D Printing and Servo Motors

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by Hanna Watkin
Sep 27, 2018

Japanese creator Human Controller has built a self-solving Rubik's Cube to the dimensions of the original toy using 3D printing, an Arduino and servo motors.

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most famous toys in the world. Many buy one and never solve it, while others become obsessed and break world records.

In fact, Feliks Zemdegs currently holds the Guinness World record for solving a Rubik’s Cube in just 4.22 seconds. But now he has some robot competition.

Known as Human Controller, this Japanese creator has developed an impressive project showcased on his YouTube channel. Impressively, his robotic Rubik’s Cube can solve itself in under a minute.

Some might say a 3D printed core and servo motors is cheating somewhat. Still, it’s certainly a cool trick to pull out at a party.

Human Controller hasn’t yet released a method to create your own version of this Rubik’s Cube. But it would almost certainly be a challenge as the process took him several years to get right.

The original version started out much bigger than a regular Cube. Yet, with a little hard work, the resulting standard-sized toy is pretty cool. Check it out here:

3D Printing a Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube

This Rubik’s Cube is fully automatic and a little mysterious… All we know is that, in order to create such a project, Human Controller created a custom 3D printed core and attached it to servo motors and an Arduino board.

He then programmed the device to solve the cube as quickly as possible. (This is no wind up then unwind solution.)

As can be seen in the video, when put down (or held in two fingers), the toy can actually solve itself. Inside, the cube hides the hard-working batteries, wires and electronics.

Follow Human Controller on YouTube for similar projects. Hopefully one day he’ll share how he managed to make the self-solving cube! Many have already asked if he’ll consider selling them, but to no avail.

Source: Digital Trends

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